linden honey

100% pure raw bee honey - Premium Quality

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Linden honey from Bees of St. Ambrose was obtained by our bees from linden trees of the Tilia species. It is a small-leaved type of linden tree, which lives up to 600 years. Linden blossoms have medicinal properties and the tree is considered a symbol of Slavonicity.

The intensity of the aroma and the taste is stronger than the color would indicate. The usual rule of darker is stronger is broken with this linden honey. When very fresh it has a greenish color, but after a time it becomes clear to amber with a yellow tone. The aroma is  woody and fresh with minty-balsamic notes. It has low acidity and medium sweetness. It has a persistent aftertaste.

This honey is raw in its organic and unfiltered form. Without heat treatment it is especially rich in minerals, probiotics, antioxidants and enzymes.

The origin of nectar: Milhosť (Slovakia), Tornyosnémeti (Hungary)
Ingredients: flower honey
Beekeeper: Štefan Slezák



Medy sú chuťovo výborné, môžeme len odporúčať. I ostatné výrobky sú doslova zázračné, napr. slamienkový očný krém. Ďakujeme i za darček!

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linden honey

linden honey

100% pure raw bee honey - Premium Quality


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